"My son played for Tim and was his QB coach and Offensive Coordinator. When Tim started my son as a sophomore, many people were angry. They thought my son should stick to basketball. Coach saw something in him and in three years under Tim Daniel my son received a D-1 scholarship, was a starting Quarterback in the best conference in the country and then two years in the NFL. Coach D has to be one of the best football talent evaluators in this country and when it comes to Xs and Os, there are not much better out there. He takes a player's strengths and makes it elite. He loves the star player and the water boy equally. That's the type of coach Tim Daniel is. Solid man, great football coach, and he changed my son's life."

                                                                                                            Joel B.

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Over years of playing, coaching, and training, my credibility accolades and whom I was trained by, are from the best people who have played and coached the game of football. I am proud to be known as an outstanding teacher of the game of football. As a player's coach, former players that have succeeded in the game of football, understand that their success didn't come strictly from the field, they used their brain.

Entering my 28 years of coaching, I wanted to know how I can take a player to a higher level using his mind. After all of my standard education and graduate school were done, I enrolled in more graduate courses for one reason - I wanted to know the mind and the body's behavior in football. Sports psychology, physiology, coupled with my teaching experience on strategic command and leadership, was the best thing I have ever done to become a complete coach.

From that point, I believe there is a new way to take a football player to his highest level.

With a 100% approval rating from my players and parents, I created this program to change the player's game. The Brain with Laces is one of the most unique and comprehensive player development programs available today. The extensive training program is built to get the player to understand the game of football at a cerebral level using his mind, body, technique, scheme, and coupled with technology to learn how to watch film the CORRECT way.



This is what my off-season days usually look like. At 9 am I will coach a seasoned NFL offensive lineman, at noon I will coach a 12 year old quarterback and at 3 pm I will coach a high school defensive back.

Players are players, they all have the same thing in common - They want to be a great football player and have fun. The only thing that separates them is their age. 

One player, training and practicing his butt off to be as elite as he possibly can, high school, college or professionally. Trusting me to help make you become the best football player you can possibly be. Earning your trust, and them to have a deep desire to be great and come to me to help them get there. That's why I do it independently.

My father was the greatest coach I have ever known. But what he was known for the most, was his ability to have a deep connection to a player and make them achieve more than they ever thought possible. Like my father, I want greatness from my players - Great humans, great son's, great husbands, great fathers, and great players. 

That's the life I grew up in, that's why I love the game of football, and that's why I coach you.

Overall, I love the one-on-one deep human aspect of it. Plus, I am really good at it.